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Globactiv is a team of dynamic individuals with a passion for freight forwarding and have depth in their respective areas of expertise. Our dedicated employees bring energy, fresh ideas and pride to their work.

We view Globactiv culture as a competitive advantage and strive to create an environment where smart, motivated and creative people succeed. We think big and work hard. We strive for excellence in everyday interactions. 

Randall Kelly - Managing Director

With over 25 years of experience in a directorial figure in the freight forwarding field, Randall’s passion is purely built into his career. Being the Managing Director in the Sri-Lankan office for an international freight forwarding conglomerate and prior experience with other renowned Freight forwarding solutions, Randall’s vision was to a create a Sri-Lankan brand that will concur the freight forwarding solution and deliver their best at all times.

Kavindu Gunarathna - AGM - Sales & Operations

Having over 16 years of experience in the field, Kavidu is well recognized and reputed within the industry. He has won awards such as “Station Top 10 Sales person globally” whilst his tenure in Aramex and “Best Sales Performer” during his tenure is Freight Forwarding Conglomerate Toll Global Forwarding. Kavidu has proven his skill and passion for Freight Forwarding and his achievement speaks for itself. Managing & directing the Sales & Operation of Globactiv, Kavidu is a key player with an innovative approach and a strong drive on providing the ideal solution.

General Manager – Pricing & Overseas Network

With an educational background in Automobile Engineering, Lasitha made his transition to the freight forwarding industry after realizing his passion and interest towards this field. Having started at a sales position initially, Lasitha has worked his way up into procurement due to his excellent communicational skills and his ability to network at an international scale. His passion and enthusiasm has led him to become a highly reputed person with local carriers and international service providers and is a well-known key player in the Freight Forwarding field at a global scale.

Mihindu Karunarathna - Director Finance

With essential prior accounting experience for a renowned accounting firm and holding an island wide rank for educational qualifications, Mihindu handles the financing & HR sector with efficiency hence why Globactiv is able to lead in its services without worry.

Milanka Gunasekara Manager – CHB & Transport

A veteran in the field having 20+ years of experience with CHB & Transportation, Milanka utilizes his leadership and administration skills forged through his work experience and coaching abilities in the Cricket Academy. Milanka brings a special set of skills to the business with his excellent networking skills utilizing the CHB & Transport team to their most effective and efficient methods.

Sheron Seneviratne Sales Manager – Malaysia

With over a decade of experience in freight forwarding, Sheron is able to make himself stand out from the competition as a key player in the Malaysia to Colombo trade lane because of his vast experience he got throughout his 6 months station in Malaysia. Sheron has made this trade lane an incomparable freight forwarding solution to its customers and is currently the top performer in terms of FCL import volumes for 5 consecutive years.

Sanka Thabrew Sales Manager – Thailand & Indonesia

Sanka is responsible for the Thailand & Indonesian market, given his experience of 7 years of freight forwarding and his key high profile customer base connection revolving around the retail goods sector. With a Chartered Shipping degree along with the Diploma of Director Merchant shipping, Sanka is well versed for the industry on providing an efficient solution.

Dhanushka Fernando Manager – Air Freight

Starting off his career with courier in 2002, Dhanushka was able to bring in this experience and begin his Freight forwarding tenure in 2007 handling the air freight export operations. Through his excellent performance Dhanushka has been able to develop the air freight export sector with innovative solutions. Dhanushka currently handles the development of BOI related customers & consolidations.

Mohamad Asker Sales Manager – Product Development – Exports

Being a professional cricketer, Askar had been playing for tier 1 leagues before beginning his tenure in Globactiv Logistics upon which, he was able to transform his energy into his career for a rapid growth in a short period of time.

Daniel Charles AM – Customer Service

With over 7 years of experience in Customer relations, Daniel leads the Customer Service team which is the backbone of Globactiv with a passion, towards the goal of providing the ultimate satisfaction. Through his experience, Daniel is able to overcome issues and provide a satisfying service to our customers.


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